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Who Am I?

Just a guy, out on the WEB with a home page. I live in St. Albans, Vermont. This is in the far upper left hand corner of the state. We are located about 10 miles south of the Canadian Border and just off Lake Champlain. It's beautiful here, although cold and snowy in the winter. St. Albans is rich in history and I have a few links to help you find out more. blue line


I have many interests and hobbies, which I will try and provide links to take you there. Some of these links are just for the fun of it. Others are very serious places and may require some time to get their full benefit. The way to the links page is located near the bottom of the page.

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Oh, one more thing...just a quick note that wherever you live, please don't forget to support your local Library. That support can be as little as just using it or it can be a much as becoming involved with the Friends of the Library at your Library or starting a Friends Group, if they don't.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

That's it from the soapbox.

For a few laughs, check out Murphy's Laws on Sex.

Due to requests, Here are the Original Murphy's Laws.

And, Dilberts Laws of Work

And NOW Murphy's Laws on Computing
I have always had a strong association to music especially to rock and roll. Having a diverse selection of music which I enjoy. These artists range from the Beatles to Paul Simon, Sting, The Who, Pink Floyd and the list goes on. But one of my long time and all time favorite musicians is Frank Zappa. And here is a discography of Uncle Frank. This list is courtesy of Les Watson,

Check out the NetSurfer.
The Netsurfer is a news and new site listing and review.
The Netsurfer comes out weekly. A great way to find new and interesting sites.

The Finest Search Engine
Google Search Engine

Truly, it's one of the Best!!!

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Recommended Links.

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No Sex Is the Safest Sex, but Hey...

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