Julia Lynam

Julia Dancing in the White Mountains of New HampshireJulia Dancing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
(Photo by Julian Howell)

I'm Julia Lynam: dancing and telling stories are two threads that have been woven into my entire life, which has been spent in Wales, where I was born in 1952, in southern England and the beautiful State of Vermont in the USA where I currently live. My ancestry is Celtic: a Welsh mother and an Irish father.

Circle Dancing, the dance of the people, drew me in about fourteen years ago, and through it I've discovered a wonderfully kaleidescopic community life that has inspired me to reach out to bring dance and the power of story into as many settings as possible. I've studied Circle Dance with many wonderful teachers, including Jan Mulreany, Peter Vallance, Laura Shannon, Bethan and Stefan Freedman, Freidel Kloke-Eibl, Pablo Scornik, Jenny Deupree, Mandy DeWinter and Judy King.

I love to bring the dances, which range from extremely simple to very complex, depending on the dancing experience of the participants, to people in their communities, schools, churches and homes. The range of dances and the range of lovely and inspiring music that goes with them is extremely wide: from traditional to contemporary to classical. I spent a whole year in a Camphill Village during which I developed my familiarity with dancing with adults with developmental disabilites and I've held a regular circle in Burlington for these special people.

I offer magical story telling sessions, and workshops in which we take a single story and delve into it to find out what resonates with us and why. "I believe in the healing power of story" said one recent participant, "And your gentle approach makes it possible for people to explore their inner life in a safe setting."

I have found community and work extensively with Neskaya, a center for Circle Dance and other spiritually aware arts, which glow among the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I also work in National Parks as an interpretive ranger, a job I love as it brings me close to great natural beauty while giving me a chance to tell stories.

My two grown-up daughters, Jessica and Louise, and my six beautiful grandchildren, Damon, Sam, Jacob, Schuyler, Rachel and Hazel live near me in Vermont.

My house in Burlington Vermont, is green, yellow and orange and surrounded by flowers - or snow. The lot it stands on is graced by immensely tall and slender black locust trees that burst into exquisite scented blossoms the first week in June every year, as well as the ubiquitous and glorious Vermont maples, which offer me endless delight.

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May peace prevail on Earth , . . . . . Julia

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