Paneurhythmy . . .

. . . is a form of sacred dance often practiced at Circle Dance camps.Seventh Circle is pleased to include listings of Paneurhythmy circles and events.

To learn more about Paneurhythmy, a rich, joyful and profpound tradition that originated in eastern Europe and honors brotherhood and sisterhood among humans and all of living nature, call Phyllis at 314 644 0014.

Dancing With Angels

"During Paneurhythmia there exists the . . . spirit of freedom and tolerance, of holy consideration of others. The grasping of the hands is very tender and attentive; inspiration and joy, Light, Peace and Love accompany all the harmonic movements. The exchange of Powers, of the rational powers of Nature, is carried out with full peace and joy, with high consciousness. Paneurhythmia can improve the fate of a whole nation, if it is danced correctly and in an attitude of prayer."

(The Grain Of Wheat: The Word Of The Master Beinsa Douno.)

We gather in beautiful places: parks in the midst of big cities; beaches by the sea; mountain retreats. We form our circle around a violinist if we are lucky - but usually around a portable tape player. Side by side, radiating from the center like the rays of the sun, we perform the elegant and beautiful movements of the Paneurhythmy.

We are grateful to those teachers who are responsible for giving us this gift: to the Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov of Bulgaria, 1864-1944); to his followers who kept the practice alive during communism, and to those who used their lives to bring this beautiful gift to the United States and share it with us. These devoted ones include Ernestina Staleva and Viola Bowman, the Bulgarian women who have taught for several decades in New England, and Ardella Nathanael, the British woman who since 1990 has shared the dance throughout the Americas.

Where, then, may Paneurhythmy circles currently be found? Where did the seed fall on "good ground"? There are circles in the San Francisco area, throughout California and Arizona and in the greater Chicago area. As well as the Heartland Circle in St. Louis, there are those who dance throughout Missouri. The Paneurhythmy is danced regularly in Sparrow Hawk Village in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. There are groups in Nashville TN and in Rectortown VA, throughout New England, and along the beaches of Florida. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, for all over America there are devotees gathering in small groups - or even dancing "alone with the angels."

Last year, for the first time, a national gathering was held in St. Louis. About 30 people came, from Mexico, Costa Rica, New England and San Francisco, and were joined by Maria Mitovska from Bulgaria, who, along with George Petkov, hosts a camp for foreigners in that countryıs Rila Mountains. Dressed in white and gold, we welcomed summer as we danced beneath our Arch by the Mississippi and spoke our prayers for peace and harmony.This summer, 2002, we will gather again at St. Louis, June 22 and 23. Let all the streams of the Paneurhythmy flow together by the mighty Mississippi, that peace and joy may flow in a mighty river to all the earth!

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