Edward E. (Ted) Horton III

Email thorton@together.net

Welcome to my corner of the web.

My corner of the globe is Westford, Vermont, USA.

I am building a new house

A Geodesic Dome.

I am a hot air balloon pilot

My balloon A great list of ballooning related links can be found at http://www.euronet.nl/users/jdewilde/index.html

I enjoy promoting, and educating people about balloons and ballooning.

I wrote a book on ballooning called "How Balloons Fly" to introduce people from 5 to 100 to what the sport is, how balloons work, and what a flight is like. I sell it through mail order. Here is the order form if you would like a copy.

Sorry, I don't sell or donate balloon rides.

A friend of mine that does sell balloon rides is:
Phil Jackson Adirondak Balloon Flights, (518) 793-6342 Glens Falls, NY - Lake George area