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The Temple burns and it's time to go. Can't you smell the smoke little one?

Do you see the flames devouring the stout and ancient gates of mahogany?

Can you see the timbers falling from the ceiling of the sanctuary where we discussed philosophy?

Listen to the crackle... It's time to trust yourself and go forth,

to apply what you've learned. To use the strength that you thought came from me, but which was inside you all along.

Hear my voice! Focus and breath, it's time to go. The Temple burns...

Make your way and be resolved in your actions, but I must remain.

I will burn in this heathen fire, amidst the texts of dear, sweet antiquity... Do you hear me?

The burnished brass of lit lanterns fall. As the greedy flames devour all, save memory...

And the strength that you thought I gave you, but which, you possessed all along.